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JUMO AQUIS touch P - Regolatore per analisi a 2 loop, modulare, con funzione registrazione (202580)


  • Up to 2 analysis inputs in any combination for direct connection of sensors for liquid analysis
  • Up to 21 further measuring signals can be connected either directly or via interface
  • 2 pulse frequency inputs for flow measurement (up to 300 Hz or 10 kHz)
  • Up to 10 switching outputs that are configurable as controller outputs, switch outputs, and alarm outputs
  • Interfaces: USB host, USB device, Modbus, PROFIBUS DP, Ethernet, and PROFINET IO device (2 × RJ45)
  • Ethernet function: web server, alarm alerts by email, setup per PC, and readout of recorded measurement data
  • Math and logic functions
  • Integrated timers, washtimers, and calibration timers
  • Service and operation hours counter
  • Process-data recording with tamper-proof storage
  • Vibrant TFT color graphics screen with 3.5" diagonal screen sizes, 320 × 240 pixels, and 256 colors
  • Intuitive operation via touchscreen
  • Configurable user rights
  • User-configurable screen masks
  • PC setup program
  • Conductivity measurement for natural waters and TDS measurement
  • Switchable conductivity measuring ranges for CIP and SIP plants in the beverage industry
  • Compliance with requirements of the pharmaceutical industry according to USP <645>
  • Built-in device for panel mounting (protection type IP66, at the front)


  • Municipal and industrial water treatment in wastewater treatment plants
  • Process systems
  • Drinking and pool water monitoring
  • Pharmaceutical water
  • Food and beverage production (CIP and SIP plants)
  • Gas scrubbers and air washers
  • Cooling tower control
  • Ion exchangers
  • RO units (reverse osmosis)
  • Power stations and energy plants
  • Fish breeding
  • Desalination of seawater


Regardless of whether the pH value or redox voltage, electrolytic conductivity, high-purity water resistance, temperature, disinfection-related measurands (such as free chlorine, total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and peracetic acid), or the flow rate is to be displayed and further processed, the JUMO AQUIS touch P provides a central platform to accomplish these things. Pulse frequency inputs (counters) are available for flow measurement. Universal inputs can be used to measure almost any analog measurands using standard signals (4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 V). The device can measure and manage up to 19 parameters simultaneously.

Other than numerous simple alarm/limit-value/time-controlled switching functions, up to 4 high-quality control loops can be simultaneously defined in the JUMO AQUIS touch S.Tried and tested JUMO control algorithms are used for P, PI, PD, and PID control in these applications.

A 3.5" color screen with touch function is responsible for the display of all parameters as well as for the operation and setup of the device. The plain text operation philosophy virtually eliminates the need for a manual. The operating language can be selected from among 15 languages that are already included in the device per default. The language library can be expanded to up to 30 languages via the PC setup program. It is also possible to display languages that use Chinese and Cyrillic characters. As a result, the device is predestined for global use.

A paperless recorder is integrated for data recording. Up to 8 analog measurands and 6 binary signals are recorded and displayed on the screen in their chronological sequence. Data storage is tamper-proof and enables official record-keeping requirements. The data can be extracted via JUMO PCC software or USB flash drive and evaluated using the PC evaluation software JUMO PCA3000.

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PCA3000/PCC JUMO SW-Pacchetto 709701/02

Download  177_178u.exe (Versione test per 30 gg.)  (187.9 MB)

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SW GSD-Generator JUMO 144.01.xx/1.xx

Download  144.exe (Versione gratuita)  (8.4 MB)

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Setup AQUIS touch S/P JUMO; (PG202599)

Download  304.exe (Versione test per 30 gg.)  (103.1 MB)

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JUMO Device App per Android

Download  352_01_05.apk (Versione gratuita)  (2.2 MB)

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JUMO AQUIS touch Profinet Beschreibungsdatei

Download  GSDML-V2.32-Jumo-AquisTouchP-20170202.ZIP ()  (15.3 kB)

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Teile-Nr. Descrizione prodotto (Articoli in pronta consegna) Prezzo
20258x/1 (Ingresso analisi pH/Rd/NH3)(PG209796) Richiesta prezzo
20258x/2 (Ingresso analisi CR)(PG209796) Richiesta prezzo
703571(20258x)/10 (ingresso universale calibr.) Richiesta prezzo
Relais (scambio) 703571(20258x) Richiesta prezzo
2x Relais (chiusura) 703571(20258x) Richiesta prezzo
Relè a semiconduttore 1A 703571(20258x) Richiesta prezzo
Uscita logica 0/22 V 703571(20258x) Richiesta prezzo
2x uscite logiche 0/12 V 703571(20258x) Richiesta prezzo
Uscita analogica 703571(20258x) Richiesta prezzo
703571/20258x /17 (2 PhotoMOS-Relais) Richiesta prezzo
20258x/18 (3 ingressi binari)(PG209796) Richiesta prezzo
20258x/19 (Uscita tensione aliment. DC +/-5V,24V) (PG209796) Richiesta prezzo
Interfaccia Ethernet 703571(20258x) Richiesta prezzo
Interfaccia RS422/485,J-Bus,Modbus 703571(20258x) Richiesta prezzo
Interfaccia PROFINET 703571(20258x) Richiesta prezzo
Interfaccia PROFIBUS-DP 703571(20258x) Richiesta prezzo
Funzione registrazione 703571(20258x) Richiesta prezzo
Modulo logico-matematico 703571(20258x) Richiesta prezzo
Cavo di setup con adattatore USB Richiesta prezzo
Chiavetta USB (2GB) Richiesta prezzo
Custodia acc.inox per AQUIS touch P (202791) Richiesta prezzo
Nr.licenza PCA3000 per stampa autom.dati processo Richiesta prezzo
202580/3 (Ingresso analisi Ci)(PG209796) Richiesta prezzo
Anschlusskabel Ci mit M12 Stecker zum Sensor- Anschluss bei Verwendung des Edelstahlgehäuses (PG209791) Richiesta prezzo
Attivita' di configurazione (Service) Richiesta prezzo
Intervento del service Richiesta prezzo