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JUMO CANtrans T Termoresistenza con uscita CANopen (90.2910)


  • For temperatures from -50 to +450 °C
  • As single or double RTD temperature probe
  • Vibration-resistant design
  • Limit value monitoring
  • Setting via customary CANopen software tools


  • Medical technology
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Drive technology
  • Utility vehicles
  • Trains


RTD temperature probes are the preferred choice for temperature measurement in liquids and gases. An important factor for selecting this installation type is its ability to form reliable seals for vacuum and high pressure applications.
Areas of application are, amongst others, in medical technology, mechanical engineering, drive technology, utility vehicles, and railroad systems.
The measuring insert is equipped with a Pt1000 temperature sensor according to DIN EN 60751, class B as standard. The temperature measured value is digitized, linearized, and made available through the CANopen serial bus protocol for further processing (CAN slave). A large number of additional useful functions are achieved with the DS 404 device profile. All settings can be made using standard CANopen software tools.

Pressure transmitter with CANopen output, see data sheet 402055, 402056, and 402057.



Teile-Nr. Descrizione prodotto (Articoli in pronta consegna) Prezzo
Cavo 5 m.+connettore diritto, 5 poli Richiesta prezzo
Cavo 2 m.+connettore ad angolo, 5 poli Richiesta prezzo
Raccordo a T M12-5 poli K-K-S Richiesta prezzo
Connett.femmina 5 poli diritto serie 713 Richiesta prezzo
Connett.femmina 5 poli angolare serie 713 Richiesta prezzo
PC-CAN-Interface für USB-Schnittstelle (inkl. Konfigurationssoftware) Richiesta prezzo
Cavo prolunga 2 m. 5 poli con conn.M12x1 Richiesta prezzo
Resistenza di terminazione Bus (M12) Richiesta prezzo