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Termoresistenze per impianti e strumenti DIN EN 14 597 (DIN 34 40) (90.2006)


  • For heat conducting systems according to DIN 4754
  • For temperatures of up to 700 °C
  • As single, double, or triple RTD temperature probes
  • For water, oil, or air
  • For tested control and limitation devices


  • Application areas include air conditioning and refrigeration technology as well as heating, furnace/kiln, and apparatus engineering


The RTD temperature probes specified in this data sheet can be used in connection with temperature control and limitation devices tested according to DIN EN 14597 (DIN 3440) in heat conducting systems according to DIN 4754.

RTD temperature probes are preferred for temperature measurements in fluids and gases.

Form B terminal heads are suitable for ambient temperatures up to 100 °C.
Protection tubes made of various materials protect the measuring insert against chemical influences and mechanical damage. The selection of a suitable sheath material depends on the conditions on site.
A Pt100 temperature sensor according to DIN EN 60751, class B is used in the measuring insert in a 2-wire circuit as standard.

Changes to the versions described require a new design approval.
Important information:
When ordering, please specify the part no. from price sheet 902006.

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